Presenting in London the Project "Futurity" by Berto Martínez Tello

How an artwork will behave once it enters the world?

The painter speculates with present, built between linking the past and the future. Such speculation is the structure of Duchamp’s doubt, a rendezvous that will take place at a moment to come.
Berto’s painting scenes start in a point of his present time, centered in a paradis landscape where anonymous figures evoluted to people that he met in the past and the finished image is a vision, a prediction of the future with this known people.

A painting that excedes itself begs a profound question: how can one delimit any thing – even that most ostensible autonomous thing, a painting?

Berto Martínez project is based in an installation of paintings, oil on canvas, and screens that are offering images of different speculative solutions for the other possible evolutions of the painting.
This painting is never finished at the present because is based in a prediction of the future where small details or situations could change.

Berto thinks that the painting has a subjectivity in his own, what is a way to treating it like a quasi-subject.
Contemporary painting is transgressing his boundaries constantly, also at Berto’s art project for Crossroads Fair 2016.
Multimedia images are inspiring his paintings and screens of led lights are placing a selection of possible visual solutions for the future.

Lee Ufan at his writing “Robots and Painters” was predicticting the current dialogue at the painting practice of Berto Martínez: “Works of art are made by human beings but they are also products of some procedure or strategy. If the procedure to built a work of art is built into the robot. It will be possible to make art.”
At this project, Berto’s tradicional practice of painting is given to the machine, the program that is translating his oil on canvas painting into a multiple possible solutions at the LED screen.
Also is making real that painters do not aim at completing or fisishing a painting. This a kind of narcissim, the desire of take something depicted in the mind and bring it before one’s eyes with a little change as possible. 


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